Greek Karaoke Party

With the latest addition of advanced hi-tech equipment, we are now integrating in our performance…  

Greek Party – Live Greek Karaoke SongsKaraoke1Audience, apart from dancing or just enjoying a superb Greek Live music are now also able to sing along some of the most famous Greek hits

The Karaoke function used is the Ultimate Midi Pro –meaning that we are in Real and Full control of band’s music parameters such as Tone, effects ect (unlike Audio Karaoke) and of course Greek Bouzouki is played live.

       We even have the ability to “Pitch correction” –so vocals sound right and the performance of the prospective Singers (music & vocals) can be recorded on the fly and handed over in Audio format (WAV or MP3).

The repertoire is consisted of over 400 famous Greek songs and medleys…. Lyrics are in Latin letters….. and displayed on external screen.

The Karaoke performance is particularly appealing to Greek weddings, Greek student parties, Greek restaurants and in general to where there is presence of Greek Audience!!!

Karaoke songs’ Synthesis and Orchestration & Bouzouki live

by “Costas the Greek”