The Concept


The Greek Bouzouki is the musical instrument that predominantly expresses the aspirations, hopes and in general the musical culture of the Greeks. It is 100% handmade, therefore each bouzouki has its own unique “soul” and as the Greeks say, its music speaks to the “soul” of the women.

The Greek folk music comes from the depths of centuries and in its present form, is based more on the pentatonic Byzantine scale -which today erroneously called “Arabic scale”, instead of the heptatonic European. This is perfectly justified as the pentatonic Byzantine  is the “Ancient Greek musical scale” !!!

The “Live Greek popular music Theme Night” concept by “Costas the Greek” is aiming to offer a real taste of the Greek music. It is important to be mentioned here that it is  not similar to any other Greek theme nights that currently performed in UK -which basically are based only on very few songs and rhythms. Our repertoire consists of a wide selection of hits by famous Greek composers, as well as the best of the new hits that are currently played at the most renowned  Bouzouki tavernas in Athens.

The other significant difference is on the “style” of the performance itself. Although “Costas the Greek” is soloist performing Bouzouki, Hi-Tech equipment and an advanced music synthesis technique are utilised, resulting to a Full live Sonic digital band performance where the bouzouki played live by “Costas the Greek” is holding the principal role!! (Technique)

The music is Unique,Authentic,and Entertaining!!!