The Technique

In the world of music is known that in terms of professional live music entertainment addressing to an average or large number of audience, a single musical instrument performing on its own is inadequate as concept and sound volume and rather unsuitable to offer what is called “rich” quality live music entertainment solution. For this type of entertainment, the minimum requirement is a musical band of at least 3-4 members and -as we all know, the Cost of hiring such bands -under current circumstances is prohibitive for most small and medium sized businesses that hosting this type of events (ie. music bars,restaurants,  private clubs, home parties etc.)

Being aware of all these facts, “Costas the Greek” in order to offer a complete and professional live Greek music entertainment solution, utilises Technology. A Digital Sonic Band up to 16 different music instruments is assigned into a Korg ™ workstation/arranger and Roland™ Sonic Digital Interface, where by the use of an advance music Synthesis and Orchestration Technique, the music part of every individual instrument, on every individual single, is composed and the data are inserted in a live form.

The result is a live performance of a full Digital Sonic band, much better sound quality than a real one – as the sounds are delivered  by the magnificent and authentic Korg and Roland voices, while the Greek bouzouki mixed in the band and played live by “Costas the Greek” is holding the principal role!!

The Technique is demanding in music experience and time-intensive, as every song is orchestrated individually, but the result is excellent, highly professional,entertaining and of course… 

keeps your budget low!! 🙂  🙂 

“Costas the Greek” uses the latest technology equipment, authentic instruments and is capable of performing a 3 to 4 hours concert, regardless of venue size and number of audience.